Summer camp

Dear parents!

We invite your children (aged 6 to 16) to our summer recreational camp for children. Our camp is located on 20 hectares (50 acres) of mixed woodland, in the ecologically clean and picturesque place of the Karelian Isthmus, about 75 km (50 miles) from St. Petersburg, on the shore of Lake Sukhodolskoye (near the railway station Losevo).

We offer accommodations in a brick two-storied buildings with all amenities (4 children in a room), and in cozy wooden cottages with all amenities, sauna, and billiard room (8 children in a room). All rooms have satellite TVs and DVDs.

We offer five meals a day, plus snacks – juices, fruits, ice-cream, and sweets. Substitution of some products for a child having an allergy is possible.

All the children and staff are insured against accidents.

Delivery of the children to the camp and back is carried out by comfortable buses with a mandatory escort by State Inspection for Road Safety and Motor Licensing of the City of St. Petersburg.

The licensed security officers guard the camp day and night, and medical personnel is available round the clock. We have 24x7 video surveillance. Entering the site is possible only on presentation of a passport. Cars are inspected upon the entrance to and exit from the territory of the camp.

The teaching staff is represented by an outstanding pedagogical team, the best students of St. Petersburg’s and Russian Federation universities. All teachers are specially trained in our School of Pedagogical Mastery under the unique technologies of the All-Russian children center «Orlenok (Eaglet)». All the staff is selected carefully and on a very competitive basis. All the employees carry sanitary permission cards and authorization to work at a children institution.

The recreation and health programs include games, contests, music programs, sports competitions, hobby-studio classes, evening bonfires and more. The programs provide for joint creative work of children and adults, aimed at child’s self-realization, development of social skills and leadership qualities, orientate at the healthy lifestyle.

We offer excursions to St. Petersburg for foreign and non-resident children.

Our social events are held in a comfortable auditorium, indoor dancing rooms, children's café and outside. We have a 3D large-screen television. Your children will be excited to do sport on our football field, volleyball, and basketball grounds. The camp has an indoor swimming pool (25 meters) with a fully equipped gym, a hall with special laminate coating for dance classes, and halls for sport-group training. The camp has 15 hobby groups and creative hobby shops, granting diplomas of appreciation after completion of a course.

See more about us in VKontakte, Facebook.

Give the unforgettable vacation to your children! Improve their health!

Order the vouchers online, or simply e-mail to
Phone +7 921 913-35-47 or +7 921 955-47-17

We are waiting for your children, and we love them already!

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